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Hi guys !

With the crazy weather we had last week, I felt like putting on a Lacoste polo shirt !

So I went to the shop and checked out their latest collection, which is A-MAZING!

Obviously everyone knows the croc ;) and it will NEVER go out of style!!

THE polo combines comfort, style and day-to-day wear! I’m recommending it to you because it just works ;)

Make sure you choose the right polo, it’s important to think about your body type! Sooo important ;)

Do not get the straight fit polo!!! I think it looks way too casual.

If you’re slim, I recommend a slim fit polo and buttoning the high collar all the way up makes your shoulders look great!

If you’re a bit more of an average size or have a “curvier” figure, you can also try a fitted style but in a PLAIN colour. This will show off your shoulders and flatter your shape!

Don’t forget you need to feel comfortable!



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