Image De Lautremont PARIS  / English

De Lautremont PARIS / English

Hello to all!

Tell me, how did you like the calendar?

Anyway, thank you again for all your feedback and support which warmed my heart! I am now back on!!

I am delighted to have this chance again to share my fashion picks with you: And this time, it’s the brand “De Lautrémont.”

You probably already know how I love sneakers, but I’m also a big fan of shoes!

Shoes are important, because a great pair of shoes can enhance a look, or help you assert a style, which is why I would like to talk to you about a brand that has a new collection with some very distinctive models.

There are models that are elegant, beautifully-shaped and virile, while others are smart, timeless and refined, with a touch of colour for a little novelty and brand recognition.

I quickly adopted several pairs, and here is what I think:

The boots:

Sober, simple, practical

They can easily be worn with a suit or with a more casual outfit, with a touch of fantasy that makes all the difference

The colour of the under sole is quite original for men’s shoes.

They are extremely comfortable thanks to their large elastic panel.


The laced Richelieu model “Mazarin”:

Clean lines, ideal with a suit or a smoking jacket, an original design with only 3 eyelets.

The model “Double buckle”:

A rather virile/very masculine model, can be worn with jeans or a suit, with glossy or natural tips, highly aesthetic, and attractive.

If you need advice on which ones to buy, or all you ladies who are looking to offer your man something special for the end-of-year holidays, come and visit us at 191 rue du Faubourg Saint –

Honoré, Paris 8th, or of course on

Don’t forget, Good Style never goes out of fashion;)

Hugs and kisses to all my buddies;)

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