Image Cannes 2016 / English

Cannes 2016 / English

Hello my friends !!!

So, what do you think of the blog being translated into 6 different languages ?

Thanks for being more and more following me !
I’ve got a huge surprise for you before the summer !

Small feedback on my stay in Cannes ! It was a great honour to be invited by MISTER ALMODOVAR’s team to attend the Premiere of his new movie Julieta ! What a GENIUS !!! What a beautiful movie with amazing actors ! A very special congratulation to the wonderful Emma Suarez for her perfect and touchy act .
Stylewise I trusted DIOR HOMME for a perfect black tuxedo !!

I ended the weekend in Cannes with an amazing night in the amfar !
I was invited by my friends from BELVEDERE and was delighted to gather with the Fashion family !
It honestly was a real pleasure ! Of course I now have a special thought for my friend olivier R with whom I laughed a lot ;)
Stylewise I dared a full BALMAIN look

Here it is, just wanted to let you know how Cannes went! I’ll write to you next week, my article will be about the EURO ! and don’t forget : LOVE SEX LIFE



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