Image BASUS / English

BASUS / English

Hello !!!

Just a few FASHION WEEK days in Paris !

As you can see on my social media I attended the Balmain fashion show ! It was once again such an event !! Bravo to my friend Olivier Rousteing who, each season, confirms that he is the prince of fashion !

After the Balmain fashion show I went to a shooting assignment in Paris, for a magazine in the 11th District.
As I was headed to the set I walked by an amazing shop rue Crespin du Gast, more precisely # 14, called “L’Espace Basus” !!!

I was dying to know more and I went in and the concept was totally out of this world !!
Florence and Stan Desmarty welcomed me !!
They introduced me to their brand : BASUS

A minimalist and innovating universe…. with a twist, mixing cork and fabrics !!

I loved their collection and that’s why I wanted to tell you about it and I even fell for the zebra hat and marine bomber sweater

Here is their site

and if you use the code
you will get 20% off !!

Love this type of new designers and I totally validate
love XXX BG


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